Own The Ultimate H1

In 2006,  AM  General  was  ending  production  on the iconic Hummer H1, much to the dismay of the off-road enthusiasts worldwide.   To  give  the  H1 a  proper  send-off,  AM General created 729 examples of a special H1 Alpha model. 

The Hummer H1 Alpha was the first and only model to come equipped with the monster Duramax 6.6-liter  turbocharged diesel engine.  Mated  to  this  engine  was a capable Allison M74  5-Speed  Automatic  Transmission.  Yes, this  was  one special   vehicle   that  will  certainly  be   in  collections   for decades to come.  

If you think you're out of luck when it comes to picking up a new HUMMER H1 Alpha, don't worry,  because  GlobalTrans Vehicle,  LLC   has   something   special   for   you.     Explore Hummer1.com to learn more about your Hummer H1 Alpha.